RHD Series: 100% in control

Direct Drive Blowers

Storage and drying industry

Indirect Drive Blowers

Blowers for the agricultural industry

Food Processing Industry

Radial Blowers
Radial Blowers
Axial and Rooftop Blowers
Axial and Rooftop Blowers
Double Inlet Blowers
Double Inlet Blowers

Welcome to Bosa

Our team of enthusiastic employees delivers a wide range of customized blowers (fans) to clients world wide. Major customers of our industrial blowers include the food, storage, packaging and air conditioning industry.
The blowers can be supplied in various designs, such as steel, stainless steel, aluminium and plastic (resin). Coating, plating, and sealing (gas or airtight) the finished product is possible. Virtually all of our blowers are suitable for use at temperatures up to 600 ° Celsius (1100 º Fahrenheit). 

  • Low Pressure D0, Medium Pressure RD, High Pressure HRD RHDA RHDB RHDC FU FUK
  • Radial, Centrifugal , Axial blowers and Side channel blowers SD
  • Aluminium, Steel, Stainless Steel 304/316, PVC / PPS resin
  • Flameproof, ATEX, Ex zone, High Efficiency motor
  • Direct / indirect drive, RHD High Speed, Blower, Total sealing
  • Viton ®, NBR, PS Seal, Gylon ®, PTFE, PTFE 561, Teflon
  • Stainless Steel air knives
  • Air control for fan, Sound Enclosures
  • Refine dehumidifier
  • Suction filters according to ISO 16890 standard
  • Air purifying unit's with UVc germicidal chamber
  • CA and ULO systems
We represent, among other things, the Elektror Sodeca Nocotra Lau and Sisteven brands.

Lloyd's Register Bosa

Bosa is ISO9001 certified.

Our brands
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